Online Patent Filing

Benefits of using the USPTO Electronic Filing System (EFS-Web) to file your patents:

EFS-Web is safe. Filings made with EFS-Web provide you with the same legal protection as paper-based filings. You receive an electronic confirmation and receipt affirming your application receipt date.

EFS-Web is simple. Even the largest and most complex patent applications can be submitted by attaching PDF files and filling out a few simple web screens.

EFS-Web is secure. EFS-Web submissions are protected through state-of-the-art security methods, including Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Digital Certificates.

EFS-Web is fast. You can submit your patent application on a few web screens, pay your filing fee and receive an acknowledgment receipt in minutes.

EFS-Web is flexible. EFS-Web requires you to make no changes to the tools you use to author patent applications and documents. You do not have to learn any new authoring tools to file online.

EFS-Web is forgiving. EFS-Web validates whether your PDF files and data can be accepted when they are submitted. If there’s a problem, EFS-Web will tell you why the document can’t be submitted and allow you to take corrective action quickly.

Use EFS-Web for your Online Patent Filing. Download the USPTO EFS-Web Overview and use EFS-Web to file your patent application online.

Contact the USPTO Electronic Business Center (EBC) at, 866-217-9197 or 571-272-4100 for EFS-Web technical support.

Contact the appropriate USPTO Customer Support Call Center for help filing your patent application.

Visit the USPTO Pro Bono Assistance Program for pro bono patent application assistance.

See USPTO Inventors Resources for more inventor’s patent & trademark resources.

Visit the United States Patent & Trademark Office for more patent & trademark information.

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