How To Register Trademark

Basic Facts About Trademarks Video Series provides USPTO guidelines on how to select your Trademark that is both federally registerable and legally protectable. It explains the benefits of federal Trademark registration and suggests resources to help with filing your Trademark Application. See why you must register your Trademark. Learn basic Trademark facts, including the important role of Trademarks in your business, the difference between Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, domain names and business names, and more. See Protecting Your Mark – Basic Facts About Trademarks Booklet (pdf) for more information. (Basic Facts About Trademarks Video Series is a 5 video playlist)

Trademark Information Network (“TMIN”) Video Series covers important Trademark topics and critical Application filing tips to register your Trademark with the USPTO. Learn about US Trademarks and filing your US Trademark Application including necessary post-registration maintenance documents. See USPTO Trademark FAQs and Protecting Your Mark – Basic Facts About Trademarks Booklet (pdf) for more information. (Trademark Information Network (“TMIN”) Video Series is a 16 video playlist)

TEAS Nuts and Bolts Video Series provides “How-To” and detailed information to complete each page of your US Trademark Application. Are you a First Time Filer or confused by Trademark Application terms? Are you trying to fill out your Trademark Electronic Application System (TEAS) forms, but not sure which buttons to push nor which fields to complete? Watch TEAS Nuts and Bolts Video Series and see the Trademark Application Tutorial to learn how to file your US Trademark Application and register your Trademark.

Most people apply to register their Trademark on the Principal Register. TEAS Nuts and Bolts Video Series will show you how to pick the correct US Trademark Application and how to correctly complete it. See USPTO Trademark FAQs and Protecting Your Mark – Basic Facts About Trademarks Booklet (pdf) for more information. (TEAS Nuts and Bolts Video Series is a 10 video playlist)

How do I Get Help With My Application covers USPTO and private legal resources to help you file your Application and register your Trademark. Contact USPTO Trademark Assistance Center at 800.786.9199 (571.272.9250 local) or for help filing your US Trademark Application. See USPTO Trademark Assistance Center and USPTO Inventors Resources for more information.

The USPTO and USPTO VIDEO provide pertinent suggestions and legal information, but is NOT considered legal advice. The US Trademark Registration Process is a legal proceeding with critical guidelines and strict deadlines. Click Here for information about legal advice and using an attorney. Consider hiring an attorney before you get started. Watch How do I Get Help With My Application for more information. Please Note: Personal Information you submit is public record and permanently searchable online.

Your Trademark is your brand for your company, goods & services… Register your Trademark today! Watch Basic Facts About Trademarks Video Series and How do I Get Help With My Application Video to learn how to register your Trademark. See Protecting Your Mark – Basic Facts About Trademarks Booklet (pdf) for more information.

Go to USPTO and USPTO Inventors Resources for Patent and Trademark information. See USPTO Video Channel for video.

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