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How To Negotiate

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Negotiation is problem solving, not an adversarial struggle. Your goal is not to get a deal.  Your goal is to get a “Good Deal.” The Four Steps to successful negotiation are assess, prepare, ask and package. Women increase their chance of a success when a proposal is framed in terms of benefits for your counterparts, team or organization. The three questions to prepare women for negotiation are: Why are you asking? How are you asking? For whom are you asking?

Learn how to negotiate from Margaret Neale. Watch her discuss negotiation and team performance using judgment and decision-making research from cognitive psychology applied to negotiation. Margaret Neale is the Adams Distinguished Professor of Management at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Read the Discussion Guide and see negotiation resources at the Stanford Clayman Institute for Gender Research.
Learn more about Margaret Neale at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Watch more Stanford Graduate School of Business Videos.


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