Business Opportunity Scams

Are you thinking about starting a business? Buying into a business opportunity with big claims about what you can earn might sound like the answer, but don’t sign up yet. Protect yourself from Business Opportunity Scams.

Learn about your rights and the business seller’s responsibilities under the FTC Business Opportunity Rule. Learn the questions you need to ask to help you avoid getting ripped-off.

Even legitimate business opportunities involve risk. For example, if you’re considering buying a franchise, you’ll want to find out more about how to shop for a franchise opportunity, the obligations of the franchise owner, and questions to ask before you invest.

Starting a Business – Before you sink your money into a business opportunity, do some research and get specific information from the promoter. See Thinking About Buying A Franchise, Bogus Business Opportunities, Starting An Internet Business & Multilevel Marketing.

Work-at-Home Offers – Many work-at-home opportunities are promoted by scam artists and cost you more than you can earn. See Work At Home BusinessesAt-Home Medical Billing Bussinesses & Envelope Stuffing Schemes.

Investments – High pressure offers promising high returns are virtually always scams. See Investment and Business Opportunity Seminars.

Job Scams – Paying for the promise of a job is not a good idea. See Government Job Scams & Mystery Shopper Scams.

If you get ripped off or suspect a business opportunity scam, immediately file a complaint online with the FTC Complaint Assistant. You may call 877-FTC-HELP to file a complaint & get assistance.

Go to the FTC Business Center or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) for additional compliance information. Go to the FTC Videos Youtube Channel to see more FTC videos.

Go to the FTC for more information.

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