Business Earthquake Preparation

Prepare Your Business For A Big Earthquake. It May Save Your Life.

DROP, COVER & HOLD ON Immediately… Do NOT Run!


DROP, COVER & HOLD ON Immediately… Do NOT Run!

Business Earthquake Preparation is easy with the Seven Steps To Earthquake Safety: 1-Secure your space, 2-Plan to be safe, 3-Organize disaster supplies, 4-Minimize financial hardship, 5-Drop, cover & hold on, 6-Improve safety, 7-Reconnect & recover.

Download the Recommended Earthquake Safety Actions (PDF)Earthquake Preparedness Guide For People With Disabilities (PDF), & Earthquake Safety Tips For People With Disabilities (PDF).

Go to the Great ShakeOut and the Earthquake Country Alliance for your earthquake preparation and training.

Learn More About Earthquakes and the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program.

See more USGS Earthquake Videos from the USGS Multimedia Gallery.

Go to the USGS for more information.

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